Story board Artist (Squeeze)

Job description

About the position
Squeeze is looking for a creative and visionary storyboard artist! With his immense talent and boundless imagination, he will bring scripts to life on boards.


  • Conceptualize and produce 2D storyboards and animatics based on the scenarios provided;
  • Collaborate with the director and story team leader to generate creative ideas for the direction regarding shooting, framing, camera movement/rhythm, and orientation, set and character position, sounds and special effects;
  • Develop the characters' personalities and emotions.

Job requirements


  • Creative;
  • Strong ability to express and invent stories, actions, and emotions with a strong emphasis on humor and character ;
  • Excellent ability to read the intentions of a scenario ;
  • Sense of design ;
  • Quick execution ;
  • Organized ;
  • Open to constructive criticism ;
  • Excellent ability to adapt to change ;
  • Rigorous ;
  • Resourcefulness ;
  • Proactive ;
  • Autonomous.


  • DEC/AEC or university degree related to the position (3D animation, multimedia, etc.) ;
  • Strong experience in the animation, game or VFX industry as a storyboard artist ;
  • Experience in 2D and 3D animation production ;
  • Good understanding of the principles of animation: emotions, play/performance, movement ;
  • Good knowledge of storyboard production software (Toon boom, Photoshop, Story-boarder, etc.).