Innovation and Technology Coordinator

Job description

About the position

Squeeze and Moov are looking for an Innovation and Technology Coordinator. Under the supervision of the CTO, this person will be responsible for maintaining the day-to-day management of the technology project including the IT, programming, R&D, production pipeline development and tool development teams. He/she will support the Leads of these teams in their various tasks. The coordinator will ensure the overall smooth running of the multiple technology projects and follow up with the Leads from the production departments.


  • Plan and manage work for IT, TD, R&D, Interactivity and tool development departments according to project needs, in collaboration with the Leads of these departments ;
  • Participate in the implementation and smooth running of Agile principles and methodologies such as Sprint, Scrum, Poker and accurate planning, Product and Sprint Backlog, Retrospective, etc. ;
  • Circulate relevant information to all stakeholders and verify that it is well assimilated and applied on projects ;
  • Act as Scrum Master for the development teams and make sure to make a close follow-up on the blockers ;
  • Ensure a follow-up with internal clients (production departments) ;
  • Maintain a good understanding and a good team dynamic.

Job requirements


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills ;
  • Detail-oriented ;
  • Open to constructive criticism ;
  • Team player ;
  • Organized ;
  • Rigorous ;
  • Resourceful ;
  • Proactive ;
  • Autonomous.


  • Have a minimum of 3 years or more in Agile project management ;
  • Bilingual French-English ;
  • Excellent knowledge of Jira ;
  • Good knowledge of software development principles ;
  • Basic knowledge of IT infrastructure, an asset ;
  • Experience with animated films, an asset.