Squeeze is an animation studio like no other. We have the courage to affirm it, because we really believe in it.

Our ambition is global, but our heart beats on a human scale. And we keep our feet on the ground, well anchored in what matters most: bringing out the genius of a team of champions, united, respectful, passionate, inspired. Whether at our Quebec or Montreal studio, we get up every morning with one goal in mind: to create animated films, high-quality series and cinematics that stand out and leave no one indifferent. Doing the ordinary, frankly, it does not turn us on. To surprise. To lead. To excite. This is what makes us vibrate!

We are proud to see our own original productions radiate to the four corners of the planet. But we are just as much when we support prestigious partners such as Marvel, Disney, Illumination, Universal, Warner, Sony, Ubisoft and Supercell in the creation of world-class animated projects. We are fueled by extraordinary challenges and achievements.

Does all this resonate in you like an irresistible call? This is probably because it triggers THE right emotion. The one emotion that makes you want to surpass yourself. The one who doesn't lie. If you think you have the right profile to join our ranks, don't hesitate. We are waiting for you with a smile. In fact, a ton of smiles and as many challenges to match your talent.


Our studios are located in the heart of the creative districts of Quebec and Montreal

Squeeze Québec

520 Boulevard Charest Est #340, Québec, G1K 3J3

Squeeze Montréal

4200 Boul St-Laurent #701-707, Montréal, QC H2W 2R2

Jobs Openings

We are currently looking for...

The Unreal Cell
Montréal / Québec, Canada Unreal Cell
Production Assistant
Montréal / Québec, Canada Production - Management
System Administrator
Montréal | Québec, Canada IT
Mocap Animator
Montréal / Québec, Canada Mocap
Compositing Artist
Montréal / Québec, Canada Compositing
Crowd FX Artist
Montréal / Québec, Canada FX
Layout Artist
Montréal / Québec, Canada Layout
Montréal / Québec, Canada Rigging
Story board Artist
Montréal / Québec, Canada Story Board
Lead of the Animation Department
Montréal / Québec, Canada Animation
Lead Environment & Matte Painting
Montréal / Québec, Canada Modeling - Environment
Lead Rigger
Montréal / Québec, Canada Rigging
Lead Storyboard
Montréal / Québec, Canada Story Board
Production Coordinator
Montréal / Québec, Canada Production - Management
Front End Developer
Remote job IT
Devops Engineer
Montréal / Québec, Canada IT
Pipeline Developer
Montréal / Québec, Canada Pipeline
Montréal / Québec, Canada Production - Management
Producteur Exécutif
Montréal ou Québec city, Canada Executive
CG Supervisor (Squeeze & Moov)
Montréal / Québec, Canada Art Direction
VFX Supervisor
Montréal / Québec, Canada Supervision
Spontaneous application
Montréal / Québec, Canada Spontaneous application

Life @ Squeeze

A work environment like no other

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