Mocap Animator

Job description


Under the supervision of the Lead Mocap Animator, the Mocap Animator will be in charge of creating high quality animations and ensuring that the highest standards of excellence are maintained, which have made Squeeze famous.


  • Work from the 3D storyboard/animatic and reference documents to create high level animation;

  • Work from motion capture to increase the quality of the animation in order to achieve the ultimate realism;

  • Ensure that the animation respects the style and artistic vision indicated by the animation director;

  • Execute the corrections requested by the Animation Director in a spirit of analysis.

Job requirements


  • Autonomous;

  • Good communicator;

  • Excellent team player;

  • Good collaborator;

  • Able to multi-task, prioritize and solve problems;

  • Able to prioritize production needs and tasks;

  • Creative;

  • Open to constructive criticism;

  • Rigorous.


  • Educational background related to 3D animation and computer-generated illustration;

  • A minimum of 5 years experience in character animation;

  • Excellent knowledge of traditional animation techniques and principles of character movement;

  • Excellent knowledge of animation in Motion Builder;

  • Mastered the non-linear animation tools of Motion Builder (Story);

  • Knowledge of visual effects is an asset;

  • Knowledge of Faceware an asset;

  • Knowledge of Maya an asset.